Friday, February 29, 2008

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welcome to the place of fanciful merriment, opulent oddities, and visual mysteries.. well.. perhaps not quite as fanciful, opulent, nor mysterious as i'd like my little doodles to be-- but who's to stop me from dreaming?

i'll try to update this blog at least once a week.. i'm a little curious myself to see the progression (or digression, it could go either way- who knows!) in my work.
maybe i'll post some old stuff here later, but it's all archived on my deviantart site

02/27/08: 5-6 hrs in photoshop, 10"x13.28" at 300dpi
this was for my illustration concepts class with david porter. the idea was concerning current global issues of unsustainable consumption of natural resources, predominantly by the global north (because apparently, "developed" and "developing" nations are no longer p.c. terms).. i wanted the girl to be generically north american, and was meant to express the seductiveness of the consumerist, disposable north american lifestyle.. only if the rest of the world lived like us, it would be the death of mankind.. although, with only north americans living the way we do, we don't need the rest of the world to catch up if killing the earth is our goal.
i need to rework the image. it's too.. general to get the intended message across.

all comments, critiques, constructive criticisms (and anything else that starts with a "c".. like cookies!) are welcome.

that's it for now.. :>