Thursday, April 24, 2008


both images made for illustration concepts class.. which is in 4 hours, so i think i'm gonna go take a nap.

think what you will, blah blah i feel like there are lasers on my eyes permanently set to disintegration via slow roasting. i don't know what's what anymore.
comments, etc?

[edit - 05/01/08 - 6:27am]
yeah, the starbucks thing doesn't make a lot of sense... i'll rework later.. perhaps.


Joseph said...

Ahahaha. The Coca cola one reminds me of the dancing hippos from Disney's Fantasia. Don't really get the second one. Though you probably could have gone for the profane by replacing the B with an F. ...Or an S. :)

angie said...

both are so funny! but i like the coke one more just because its so true and looks so cool. hahaha. the starbucks one is very interesting.. never really thought of it that way...

carguin said...

You got nice work too and you're so young! You know what I'm from Toronto too, and my family lives in Markham :) What a small world. Thanks for the compliments, although my teacher just bashed over my lack of color palette... (it sucked). Your kind words meant a lot and thanks for stopping by.

jonathan lin said...

im not going to lie i think your work is amazing.

i am so jealous