Monday, November 17, 2008


lecture notes from the "better world by design" conference i went to a couple weeks ago:

i was most inspired by cameron sinclair's lecture the first day.. though, by the third day i think it became too much about business and economics for my taste. the environmental movement is a social justice movement, and while i understand that there are large economic repercussions, we cannot hope to solve our problems by trying to create more economy. so we give everyone in africa a cell phone which connects people. then what? so they make more money. then what? it's not that they (or rather, we) are living outside of their economic means. it's that we are living outisde of our ecological means. anyway, i'm in class right now, so i won't go into further detail with this thought. i'm supposed to be making an animated short in corel painter. i'll post it later. :>

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/Anders said...

Interesting. I realize this might be a *tiny* bit after the fact, but such thoughts are; while not in a position to fully address the issue and hope to bring about some sense of change in relation to it, nonetheless important to consider.

on a lighter note, nice work.