Wednesday, December 3, 2008

this and that

ballpoint pen goes scritch and scratch in my not-so-little black book


dawooyahh said...

gurl the bak-o-yo head is redik-uh-lus!!!

robyn ng said...

hahaha hi david :]

Christina Song said...

robyn! :) this is good stuff! keep up the good work

Nicholas Kole said...

Is that Chad? :D

robyn ng said...

haha yeah.. and jen and alex and andrew and my other friend lauren

dadu shin said...

hello robynnnn!
i likey.
you creative girl you.

jennifer ngai hom said...

omg i'm in your drawings!

Em said...

awesome sketches yo! i wish my sketches were as clean as yours...

love the oilrig lookalike thingy. and the kite.. uhm. plane thing. and that fisheye perspective piece. lol. and the list goes on.

robyn ng said...

thanks, emerson!
BALLPOINT PEN WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND. mess-free goodnesses! :3

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