Thursday, January 15, 2009


stuff for class.. aghh it's 5:15am. i'll explain later or something


commentary on idea of beauty in asia: pertaining to males because most of the time, we tend to associate obsession with beauty as a mostly feminine issue. mm yeah.

NOTE: my friend told me today that the chinese is a bit weird (yes, because i only speak basic canto and am otherwise completely illiterate) the phrase on the left says "ho ying" which means "so stylish" but to the n'th degree (it's thrown around a lot).. and the one on the right is mandarin but online translations tell me it's "si mou", which is kind of slang i guess? i've heard my grandma and cousins use it haha.. mm yeah. chinese was put in as sarcasm and also to add to the graphic quality of ads. completed last night from around 11 til 5am-ish; ballpoint pen in sketchbook and textures/colours added in ps2

food courts and deathbeds

[i forgot to scan two other pages of sketches, which include mall sketching day 1.. i'll edit this post when i get the chance]

12月 23日 2008年 - mall sketching day 2, part 1: markville mall food court drawing practice with donald

12月 23日 2008年 - mall sketching day 2, part 2: there was a scary horse lady and a rude child with no manners, down at the bottom

12月 26日 2008年 - riding the ttc.. subwaying from finch station to the acc: that man looked so sad the whole ride through, it was heartbreaking

12月 28日 2008年: together at the hospital, two days before he was taken Home.

公公, 再見.. i'll miss you.