Thursday, January 15, 2009

food courts and deathbeds

[i forgot to scan two other pages of sketches, which include mall sketching day 1.. i'll edit this post when i get the chance]

12月 23日 2008年 - mall sketching day 2, part 1: markville mall food court drawing practice with donald

12月 23日 2008年 - mall sketching day 2, part 2: there was a scary horse lady and a rude child with no manners, down at the bottom

12月 26日 2008年 - riding the ttc.. subwaying from finch station to the acc: that man looked so sad the whole ride through, it was heartbreaking

12月 28日 2008年: together at the hospital, two days before he was taken Home.

公公, 再見.. i'll miss you.

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