Wednesday, February 18, 2009

coraline colours

colour experiments in photoshop. i clearly gave up when i got to the arms & shoes.

well, anyway i saw coraline with some risd fav/illustration kiddies and it. was. beautiful.
just the right amount of creepy, magical colours, spectacular stop animation. just.. awesome. they totally changed the story from the original book but in ways that improved it as a movie script. the actual book was scared the hell out of me though. when i read it a little over a year ago, i was living in this old "historic" house with a really creepy basement with lots of creepy little nooks and rooms that had no lights with doors that went nowhere. it wasn't a good situation. but fantastic piece of writing. good for scaring the bajonkers out of ungrateful children.

but anyway. the movie:
you need to see it in 3d

apparently, in providence anyway, coraline goes back to 2d after friday cause she's getting the boot from the jonas brothers. it seems they think tainting the music industry isn't enough and have decided to grace the film world with them pretending to be themselves. in concert. in 3d. because they're not 3d enough already.
maybe we should sew buttons to their eyes. and mouths while we're at it.

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dadu shin said...

robbyynnnn. i like this! i really love the loose quality that it has. colors are nice toooooo!