Saturday, April 4, 2009

umbrella gliding

ballpoint pen, coloured in photoshop

coloured and ready for adding to my portfolio! that's another thing crossed off my weekend to-do list muahaha >:]

i received the suggestion to add graffiti texture and asian text on the you think it needs it? i tried writing some japanese on a couple signs, but i was finding it hard to make it not overly noticeable and to just blend into the world.. i dunno.. comments, insight, etc?

ahhhh it's 7:21 on a saturday morning what's wrong with meee -_-


dadu shin said...

robyn! i havn't seen this yet! i freaking love those subtle clouds in the back. yup, freaking.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be a creepy acquaintance
stumbling over here
but I feel compelled to say that
I really dig your work

Peace and lentils,

Anonymous said...

hi robbiee! its dan (rhcbc dan haha)

i like this picture! keep up the awesome art-ing