Tuesday, July 21, 2009


FINALLY! a post! it's been a while, eh?

i've got a ton of sketches and stuff to put up, but i'm still waiting to get my hands on a decent scanner.. in the mean time:

avatar: the last airbender
digital painting in ps

character belongs to brian konietzko & michael dimartino

i love avatar, i love brian, i love michael - but can someone PLEASE tell my why they approved the cast they did for the upcoming live action?? the cast looked completely inappropriate to the depictions of the characters in the animated series. anyway, i won't get too into it or this post might not end.

and yes. i realize that my goals for the summer were to improve my portfolio and get myself ready for "the real world", and instead i find myself making fanart..... i mean.. movie poster sample >__>

don't judge me.


Bryon Walton said...

yip yip

jonathanlin said...

can you please teach me how to do this >_> ??

Jess said...

I guess this means that in between painting and drawing you are also practicing your water bending. :p