Wednesday, July 29, 2009

review of materials (rom) 1: prismacolor & pelikan

ok, i'm going to start reviewing materials/brands of materials here because every time i find a particular pencil that rides well with me i can never remember the brand or where i got it from. i swear it's like some tragic romance with art supplies and i, and it ever only ends in debt and disaster.

so, let's get to it shall we?

prismacolor verithin
pencil crayons - made in u.s.a
. not greasy, which i like for thumbnailing and sexy! clean! lines! because they don't smudge and can be erased if you don't press down too hard
. wide variety of hues; think parade in a box!
. hard to lay down solid, opaque colour
. the dry, hard lead shatters quite easily. this is what sharpening prismacolors feels like

. i used these for my artistic anatomy final and they tend to have a sheen even when you work in thin layers instead of pressing down hard, so it scans funny

pelikan opaque watercolours - made in germany
. as advertised: pretty friggin opaque. the love child of gouache and watercolours, these aren't as elusive as watercolours yet doesn't have the graininess of gouache
. bolder saturation levels than regular watercolours - good for people like me who tend to be afraid of colour and always end up with really washed out watercolour paintings. it forces you to explore without making you uncomfortable
. relatively inexpensive (just under $20 for 24 colours) at the risd store of all places, which is usually overpriced
. compact and travel-friendly
. not as smooth as regular watercolours; harder to get nice blends because they dry faster
. colour lifts a little too easily. even after i let it dry, if i go back on top with another wash, the pigment comes off a little and taints my brush


currently trying:
. derwent coloursoft in black - made in england
. conté a paris pastel pencil in black & white - made in france

stay tuned for!
stores (in toronto/new york/providence), inks, & paper


eunice luk said...

:) robyn! i miss you. i work at the paper place in toronto. you should come visit.

i miss you!!

Jess said...

This was very helpful Robyn. I'm trying to use real media more. My tablet and I have agreed to see other people for a while. This was an awesome list on what to maybe look into. Many thanks. :)

Christina Song said...

i must try out pelikan opaque watercolours! aw this is helpful!! keep em comin robyn ;) thanks