Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the beginning of an enlightening semester

i have been very blessed this semester to have the privilege of being taught by such awe-inspiring teachers as Mary Jane Begin, Fred Lynch, and Agnieszka Woznicka. every class with them has brought enlightenment and reassurance and growth.

but, without further ado:

1. new animations!

videothe rest are posted on my youtube account

2. new art! (finally)

self portrait for Colour Works class taught by Mary Jane Begin - the darling woman who is opening my eyes and bringing revelations of colour into my life

finished piece

b&w finished draft > colour studies > watercolour on arches > scanned and touched up in photoshop

and still to come are more reviews on materials (i started the post but it's taking me a while to get myself sorted out)


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I was flipping through deviant art and landed here somehow, just wanted to say WOW at the great work you've made. Really talented