Wednesday, October 21, 2009

darrel gets dressed

darrell gets stuffed and painted with foam and acrylics

... as well as a new sweater, hand sewn; pants & eyewear to come.

sweater close-up

still deciding whether or not to actually give him eyes or just paint them in;
i'll have to see after i make the glasses


Eunice Kim said...

Here's my psychological take on it.

Chances are, with the eyes/without the eyes there will be different kind of "dorky" character that is being portrayed,

When you give characters definite eyes, then I think there is much more of a personality coming through & therefore it would be more RELATABLE as a character;
... Much more immediately a PERSON.

Whereas without the eyes, Darrel(l) will look more immediately stupid- but soul less stupid.

Eyes will suggest not REALLY stupid-stupid but only slightly in one part. Painted eyes would probably suggest just...dumb.

Depends on what your story is, I guess.

Hope this helps!

Rosalind Mundie said...

I love it Robyn!!!