Sunday, October 18, 2009

making puppets

making our first puppets in the basement of market house with joohee, amanda, and jose!

the basic armature
made with aluminum wires, brass tubing, propoxy, jb weld epoxy, barge glue, and foam

hands; fully functional with movable fingers
made of wire, wrapped in bandage cloth tape stuff, and dipped in latex
i still need to add a final coat of latex with acrylic colouring

scale of puppet

i think his name will be darrell. or ernest. or markel. he's suppose to be really dorky-looking.


claudialee said...

ahahah live long and prosper!

e. said...

hello, i don't mean to be a creeper. but i came across your site via random facebook surfing and your stop motion claymations are incredible. i really fell in love with this one!
hope to see that you make it big one day,
an admirer,