Saturday, December 5, 2009

fish food

oh me
oh my
finals are here:
i want to die!

maybe i should just be a poet instead.
dr. seuss would have been boss at rapping.

an unfinished painting
watercolour on paper
mid oct 2009

playing around with images for a story i'm working on
watercolour & gouache on paper
late oct 2009

an apple

some still life studies
acrylic on paper
early oct 2009

an orange


Em said...

the big goldfish is love!!! and i love the gangsta pic as well.

Clayton Tsang said...

hey robyn! these are so cool, love your style and your ideas are so unique! glad to see your painting traditionally, sheridan puts such an emphasis on digital paint its kind of sad lol good luck with your finals!

Eunice Kim said...

I do like the BIG goldfish too! (not just because it's GOLDFISH)

are we going to ever see the story on your blog as well? Either way, the painting makes me smile. The way of feeding it has a certain humor that carries well with the size play. :)