Wednesday, February 3, 2010


a painting Dadu and I made for our Collabustration show back in November :)
watercolour, gouache, acrylic on paper

the chaos my studio space has descended into

a painting I made last night from an Amélie film still
oil on canvas

version in progress, though I think I like it better before I took out the yellow..

also did some illustrations for Monthly Design Review

times are crazy, friends. So Crazy.


dadu shin said...

haha yay. painting came out nice!

jriggity said...

Hey just found your site....

I really likek your work!


Grace said...

I'M LOVIN' IT (more than mcdonalds).

but seriously, when will i get to see you?!?!?! lol. do you get a reading week?

btw, your illustrations in monthly design review were awessommmeeee!

also!!!!! there's going to be a sequel to avatar!!! :D:D

Em said...

nice work here! the first illustration is really nice and cute! haha.

LUCKY YOU! YOU HAVE A STUDIO! ;__; I have to paint in my bedroom.. sigh.. which.. is also the living room. Orz.

And i recognise that guy from Amelie!!