Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SF & a new moleskine

There is a cotton candy machine by the front door of Kenka.
it's kind of spectacular

started as a sketch while seeing the African Art exhibition at the Met with Catherine

chillen over winter break with my grandma & cousins in the Bahamas

spring break in San Francisco:

Jean and Dadu sleeping on the ferry from Sausalito to SF

Dolores Park with Aaron.
Dadu, Jean, and Greg nap under the sun on some very green grass

Caltrain to Mountain View with Dadu, where the other half of Jobyn gave us a tour of Google

Dadu had some expired polaroid film :)

much love to Sarah & her parents for playing host


Jennifer Hom said...

i love these drawings. and i love the second half of jobyn :D

Em said...

Love the moleskines! :D and sorry I missed you while you were in SF. Seems like you were pretty preoccupied. Hope you had a good trip, and maybe next time we'll get to meet up.

Eunice Kim said...

So lovely :D

Victo Ngai said...

you guys were so cute in Sf!
the polarize photos look so nolgastic, make me sad about graduation already haha.
Nice sketches by the way, love your colors!

jriggity said...

cool stuff!


Ricky Cometa said...

wow, these are incredible