Saturday, June 12, 2010

new chapter

just graduated and am officially certified to make pictures with my shiny new Bachelor of Fine Arts!

in other news:
1. back in Toronto for a little bit, and I'm already starting to draw blanks creatively. I really need to get out of the house.
2. baller commencement speech delivered by Stephanie Rudig
3. you better believe we danced to jai ho at the end of our graduation ceremony! we practiced our butts off but it was a lot of fun :D videography is a little shoddy but eh, what can you do? choreographed by the amazing Sarah Farmer and Heather Freedman
4. Brooklyn turned out to be a no-go, so it's back to square one when I get back to Providence at the end of July - though still looking to live in NY; trying to be out there by August :)
5. backpacking through Europe with a couple friends from high school from June 21-July 13: London, Cracow, Prague, Berlin, Paris, Interlaken, Rome, and back to London - hook me up with tips, suggestions, things I must see!

anyway, here's some old stuff I forgot to post:

final version of Heliotrope poster - type in previous versions looked too much like a book cover

piece from a while ago made on the prompt of "texting while driving"
watercolour, gouache, pencil crayon
instructor: Fred Lynch
I don't know how I feel about posting work up here that I'm not particularly fond of. I guess it forces me to confront it.
That tree has no business being there all painted and dolled up, other than as a compositional anchor. -__-

I need to stop rendering the hell out of everything and just loosen up