Friday, October 15, 2010

1200 Posters x Behance

2 announcements:

In collaboration with Big New Ideas and Greg Kozatek, I'm helping co-direct a project called 1200 Posters! We just launched our teaser site, and you can also follow us on facebook. Our first poster, by Mando Veve, will be released and up for sale this November 12 so keep an eye out!


I'm now on Behance, so feel free to browse and comment on stuff you like, you don't like, or just to say hello! You can also click the big blue "click to appreciate" button at the bottom of each project folder if you really like what you see :)

1 comment:

Emerson said...

Heyyy, I'm on Behance too! I kinda joined it cause my director told me to. Lol.

Good luck on the poster project thingy. It looks exciting!