Thursday, October 14, 2010

the smart internet

Hi chickies,

You'll never guess what.

"What, dear Robyn? That we love you and want to give you lotsa moneys in exchange for your drawing services?"

haha (modest laughter) oh, you flatter me! That would be nice but no, that isn't it.

"Then what, what? The suspense is killing us!"

Oh, alright...
I got my first book cover illustration published!

but seriously, check it out - it's called The Smart Internet: my mom's first book! For sale starting Dec. 18, 2010


Cynthia said...

WOW Momma NG is IMPRESSIVE. Her bio is top notch. You my dear, is even more impressive with you super illustrations. <3

Robyn Ng said...

thanks, Cyn! yeah, I'm really proud of my mom - I just wish I could understand what it is she actually does haha