Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teacher Robert

It's been too long since I last made a comic! This is for an anthology collab type thing for MoCCa 2011 that I had the privilege of contributing to.

Like every other Chinese kid, I was made to learn piano at an early age. I had the misfortune of being paired with a terrifyingly large blond Russian man who spoke in a thick accent (I was around 6 at the time, so understanding what the hell any adult was trying to tell me wasn't really a priority) and one of his favourite teaching techniques was to hit my hands every time I played a wrong note. Anyway, this one's for you, Teacher Robert. Thank you for bruising my childhood with your "lessons".

This is a revised version of what actually went to print, since we weren't supposed to use grey.. I've definitely learned that I need to practice value composition and storytelling.

So, excuse the roughness in narrative structure, and I hope you enjoy :)

Any comments, suggestions, etc would be incredibly helpful!
It's been mentioned that pages 6 & 7 are a little confusing..


Anonymous said...

Mine was an angry Ukrainian.....

Karen said...

Hey Robyn,it's Karen. I followed your link from facebook and here I am. Your comic is looking great but since you asked for feedback on pages 6&7 I thought I could put in my two cents.

I think that if you separated page 6 so that the left third was one page and the right 2/3 was another it would flow a lot better. I can totally see 9 panels on the right being one solid panel and just seeing the teacher melt into darkness.

Also, I know you like do darker themes sometimes but the black creeping across the piano makes me think the teacher dies on the keyboard. I'm not sure if that's what you were going for but I could definitely see the puddle as maybe being something less blood-like to lighten the mood.

I hope my rambling helps, I really love your drawings. They're always so whimsical :D